What email should be (and how Inbox Airlock makes it so)

By Tadas

(This short essay was originally shared on LinkedIn by the Inbox Airlock founder Tadas )

Let’s face it: email, in its current form, is a hot mess. It’s like a dumpster fire that’s been smoldering for decades. Despite the rise and fall of technologies like RSS, YOUR email remains the ultimate playground for marketers, cold email spammers, and anyone vying for an online audience.

But here’s the twist: email is also the lifeblood of workplace communication. So why does sifting through our inboxes feel like wading through quicksand? Why do we sacrifice precious hours to this digital deluge? (Spoiler alert: we’ve surrendered to the status quo.)

Picture this: Your urgent client email or colleague’s message is drowning in a sea of substack updates, unsolicited WordPress development offers (you don’t even use WordPress), and H&M spring sale announcements. It’s a cacophony of chaos.

Sure, there are tools like Superhuman that turbocharge our inbox navigation. And yes, Hey and Spark offer fresh email perspectives, but they demand a leap of faith and a radical shift. Frankly, email isn’t exciting—it’s a chore. Most of us just want to clear it out and move on with our day.

Enter Inbox Airlock, a refreshingly lightweight solution that injects joy into your Gmail inbox routine.

Here’s the scoop:

🦋 Seamless Integration: Inbox Airlock seamlessly integrates with your Gmail. No new UI to learn, no new email address, no installation headaches. It’s like slipping on a familiar pair of shoes.

🎩 The Magic Ingredient: What does Inbox Airlock do? It’s simple yet revolutionary. It sweeps away the clutter from your main inbox. When a new email arrives, it’s like a bouncer at an exclusive club. If the sender is a trusted contact—someone you’ve emailed before, or explicitly added to the list—it gets VIP access to your inbox. You’re in control.

📦 Nothing is lost: The clutter has it’s own neat place - an “Airlock” folder. You can search it, you can read it, but only when YOU choose to do so, not when THEY want your attention.

Inbox Airlock simplified diagram

I’ll be as bold as to say that you can re-enable your email push notifications.

Let’s make email enjoyable again! 🚀